Bringing style home.

Big Lives curates emerging designers in seasonal collections. We source beautiful homes as backdrop for unique pop up events.


Retail isn’t dead - it’s dusty. We believe shopping is best done in person, where you discover the heart of a brand. But transacting is most convenient online. Big Lives brings together an experience that is both inspiring and seamless.


Big Lives scours the globe to identify exceptional up-and-coming designers. We connect them to customers through pop up events across the US, and help tell their stories.


We curate stand-alone pieces that will capture moments. Sifting through your closet should take you back in time. A dress worn to graduation, a jacket that traveled with you, a sweater that kept you cozy on an amazing night. Big Lives sources pieces ripe for memories to come.


We believe in transformative footwear. Remember that shoe - the one that belonged to you before you owned it. The one that changed the way everything looked on you. The one that changed how everyone looked at you. We want this for you, every season.


We say a purse is personal. Why you choose it, how much you treasure it, what you put inside. It’s a time to be yourself, on the daring side. In bags, we love: independent, vibrant, playful.


We cherish the moment when a piece of jewelry becomes a companion. You go through experiences together. At some point it becomes a witness, a protector, a thing of magic or superstition. We find one-of-a-kind pieces make the best of friends.